Science Highlights 2012

A quarterly newsletter from the Summit Science Coordination Office

December 2012

2013 GEOSummit Meeting

Plans are underway to hold the 2013 Geo Summit Meeting in order to share science results and discuss upcoming plans for the station.  The meeting will take place in Vancouver, BC, Canada in conjunction with the 2013 Arctic Observing Summit hosted by the International Study of Arctic Change.

Arctic Observing Summit 2013

The GeoSummit meeting will take place during a half-day session following the AOS meeting Friday, May 3rd so that participants can attend an IASOA meeting at the same venue.

Record melt observed at Summit Station

Scientists and support staff in residence at Summit Station mid-July witnessed a rare sight: surface melt.  The melt event was part of an ice-sheet wide occurrence as observed by three independent satellites (MODIS, IRSO OceanSat-2 and SSM/I).  The story was covered by several major news organizations, including FoxNews, with a slightly different interpretation of the original NASA press release.

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Temperature recorded at Summit shows the period of melt July 11, 2012.


The slush from the melt event made daily tasks (grooming the skiway) difficult, and caused dripping inside many of the buildings.  The rush is now on to determine the cause and possible implications from this event.

Big House Kitchen Remodel Complete

A crew of carpenters worked tirelessly to complete a remodel of the kitchen in the Big House at the end of the summer season.   Many praises to the cook, who had to prepare meals in the much smaller Green House/Berthing Module Kitchen for the hungry residents of Summit while the remodel was taking place.


The new Big House kitchen and galley. Photo by Ed Stockard.

View of the new kitchen with new prep area. Photo Ed Stockard.