21 Nov 2013 GLRP telecon

Attendees (NSF, ALEX, CPS, SCO)

Isi and Summit Planning: The charter for one of the first projects slated for the new Isi development, the mobile surface garage, is being developed and updated.  The goal for this project is to have the components shipped via vessel in 2015 and the mobile garage on-line in 2016.  Concurrently, a new science and operations building (SOB) charter is being developed and updated for the current Summit station, with the goal of having this facility on-line when the Isi garage is on-line in 2016.

A scoping document is being developed for Isi, which would include future science and population projections for Isi.

Telescope project:  Currently, the telescope development plans are centered around finding a suitable location in Thule to assemble the telescope before transport to the Isi location.  A team working on finding a suitable area for the telescope assembly recently returned from a site inspection at Thule.  The decision for the assembly site in Thule will be made soon, as the foundation for the assembly should be constructed in 2014.

GrIT: Whether or not the D7, destined for Isi to assist with the telescope snow foundation, will be taken by GrIT this year is still up for debate.  Schedule development for 2015 is currently underway, including work in 2015 to relocate NEEM.


19 Nov 2013 Power/Energy kickoff meeting

The discussion focused on a subset of power-related systems currently under development as part of Isi/Summit future plans that might be germane for an upcoming DOE AFFECT request for proposals.  The DOE AFFECT program seeks to fund renewable power sources in federal facilities,that could also be broadly applicable to other federal facilities.  As part of new Isi/Summit developments, several renewable power sources are being examined that have the potential to meet this RFP.  There is some concern that many of the power systems that would be developed for Isi/Summit would be polar-centric and not as relevant to the DOE program, however, two potential systems were identified that have the possibility for use in other remote environments, one being S-CUBE, which are stand-alone, small, portable, well-insulated structures which would provide modular berthing and possibly office space, and RAPID, an all-in-one renewable energy unit which is comprised of a complete hybrid power system housed in a standard ISO container, capable of being built in the US and then shipped where needed.  It was decided to submit two letters of intent for the Dec 10 deadline.  Other discussions included the desire to keep this meeting to a small working group.

Telcons: acronyms and names


The purpose of these telcon logs is to provide transparency to scientists working on NSF funded projects for which the Greenland SCO provides scientific advisory input. There are a lot of terms, acronyms, and names some folks may not be familiar with. To keep each post as simple as possible, we omit spelling all that information out, but encourage you to refer to our ‘acronyms’ page for further information.

So moving forward, following each teleconference, we will post here a brief summary of the calls and our action items. Our currently scheduled telecons include:

·  NSF/SCO Telecons (First Wednesday of the month)

·  SCO/CPS Telecons (Every other Thursday)

·  Greenland Long Range Planning (GLRP) calls (non-SCO/CPS Thursdays)

·  SCOTelecons (Tuesdays before the SCO/CPS Calls)

Please feel free to contact SCO with any questions, comments, or issues you would like to discuss.

14 Nov, 2013 SCO-CPS Telecon

present: Jack, John, Bob, Zoe, Katrine, Jay, and Paul

Small team (Jen, Jeff S, Dick (ALEX), and Roberto, at Thule. The objective is the exploration of approvals for telescope (rights to hangar, use of real estate, etc.) and to review several loose ends. It happens that the review board for the hangar 1 requests exposed serious concerns on part of base and air ops that there is a semi-permanent presence anywhere near Hangar 1. There is no full time presence in the vicinity during the part of the year folks will be there for the telescope project. So evaluating new options, and most likely is use of Hangar 6 — ‘in town’ on taxi service line, and overall is a better location. Some drawbacks (door is not tall enough for complete assembly of structure) but these are mostly surmountable or can be worked around. Present plan is that nothing would happen at Hangar 1.

Power Energy group kickoff meeting coming up next Tuesday (19 Nov). Looking at ways to work some of the NSF Arctic activities into the DOE funding opportunities. Planned participants include: Tracy, Jeff S, Gregg K, Alex, Monique, Owen R, SCO

The Whitepaper for Science on the Ice Sheet was a big topic. There is a need for more information and Pat would like to see this completed soon. Jack indicated that there was a lack of information regarding the bigger picture and potential science that may stem from the presence of the telescope and the ‘if you build it, they will come’ science… There is already interest for several new initiatives, but we need to evaluate and put together as much information as possible for the prediction of the ‘mushroom’ effect of the telescope. Jack is counting on Jen relaying information to Roberto on the requirements we need in order to go forward with the White Paper. However, it was discussed that Ray B is a better point of contact. He’s been contacted, but we need to get his engagement and ping him again for further input that represents the overall potential interests from the larger Astrophysics community.

Jay, Paul leave conversation.

The SCO discussed with Katrine the plans and objectives of the side meeting and GEOSummit 2014. The latter will be focused on science, while the former will be focused on providing information to the community to the largescale infrastructure and logistical changes coming down the pipe. Dates are set (or close, just need the room confirmation from ARCUS) and we need to announce broadly and soon.

Katrine informed the SCO of internal staffing changes at CPS related to the construction teams, and the need for a CPS ‘org chart’ was discussed. There is none at present, and it is not likely to be available soon.

The CPS/SCO Outbrief will be provided in written form to Katrine by 22 November, a telcon will be planned for Mon/Tue the week of thanksgiving.

Actions: JFB to draft announcement for GEOSummit and circulate with SCO approval. Katrine to schedule telcon for outbrief. ZC to confirm room with ARCUS.


12 Nov, 2013 SCO Telecon

present: Jack, John, Bob, Zoe

Main topics included the discussion of the side meeting at AGU, GEOSummit at NASA, and some modifications to the presentation of material on the website. We also devised a plan for telcon participation and responsibility for drafting the web-posts.

The side-meeting at AGU was agreed to be focused on logistics and will be held on either a) Wed PM or b) Tue PM depending on room availability.

GEOSummit 2014 is planned to follow PARCA and the IceBridge Planning Meetings. Everything is in order regarding rooms, we need to get the announcement out ASAP.

There was a discussion on how to manage postings and website content. All agreed that the segregation of ‘categories’ for Telcons and Newsletter was good, but need to clean up front page, so that Telcons don’t show up and so that we can make some posts (e.g. announcements, ‘sticky’)

Each week a SCO representative will be responsible for the telcon logs. The weekly responsible will have the charge to get the notes for the web-site circulated for SCO review by COB Friday and sent to NSF for review of content Tuesday AM. Pending approval, the goal is to have the past weeks notes posted by Thursday AM.

Actions:  JFB weekly responsible, and is to get notes circulated from this weeks telcons by COB Friday. ZC will contact ARCUS regarding room for side meeting. ALL will get announcement drafted for GEOSummit and side meeting.

8 November, Project Review Telcon

SCO participants, John and Jack, CPS participants, Katrine, Tracy, Dave Denny, Dave Smith, Jay Bollinger, Burmie

During this 2 hour call we went through the complete list of projects that CPS has proposed to undertake at Summit during the 2014 season.  Unlike past years, recommendations made by ALEX were included along with descriptions of the projects and rough estimates of costs.

Turned out that ALEX recommends deferral of many of the projects that were not linked to support of a specific science project or safety concern.

In general, SCO agreed with ALEX most of the time.  However, we feel that several projects to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel burned on station (at relatively low cost) should go forward if at all possible.  Specifically, proposed repurposing of the solarsheets (hot air collectors) currently on the MSF, and part of the solar thermal tube system now on Small Mobile to provide space heat in different summer time facilities seem like great ideas.  Similarly, if there truly is excess heat available in the glycol loop system it ought to be taken advantage of, rather than burning more fuel in the generators to provide electric heat to summer infrastructure.  Katrine noted that there has been a gradual increase in power used at Summit, and we need to go back to actively seeking ways to reduce.

The proposal to raise TAWO again in 2014 (2 years in a row) was discussed at some length.  SCO opposed on the basis of both cost, and disruption to the science.  Advocates pointed to how quickly drifts had already grown after the 2013 lift and argued that we need to establish 15 foot clearance between the snow surface and the bottom of the platform.  Jack pointed out that we need to engage the occupants of TAWO in this discussion, especially NOAA.  Katrine took the action to schedule a meeting for this purpose.

GEOSummit 2014

The Greenland Summit’s Science Coordination Office invites you to take part in the 2014 GEOSummit meeting, to be held at The Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) following the NASA IceBridge and PARCA Meetings.

Right now we do have a room reserved for the GEOSummit workshop to follow PARCA on Jan 31st from 8 am to 5 pm Building 33 Room H114. This is a large lecture room for (100) people. We also have a small (20) conference room in the building reserved if you we should plan to have breakout sessions.

It is our sincere hope that many of you will already be at the PARCA or IceBridge meetings, and will be able to take an extra day to discuss current research and future directions for Summit.


7 November, GLRP biweekly telecon

SCO participants: Jack and Bob

This was the first LRP meeting since 26 September, thus it provided an opportunity for CPS to update everyone regarding the status of projects in light of the uncertain budget situation.

The SOB needs to be raised or replaced soon.  Current plans center on separating the functions between at least 2 different structures. One will be a mobile garage that can be easily towed back onto surface and to different locations, this would be for vehicle maintentance and balloon launches. This garage will eventually move to ISI as part of the transition. CPS will gather requirements, develop scoping documents, and release an RFP for a new garage ”design/build” project in 2014.

A new power system will be needed for the temporary camp and then the new ISI station at the ISI location.  CPS is working on designs/procedures to raise  the current generator shack, potable water system, and glycol (hydronic heat) system so that they can continue to serve current station needs through the transition interval.  This planning effort is to be completed by the end of 2013.  However, there is no current timeline or funding to implement any plan that is developed and approved.

We raised concerns about waiting too long to raise the power system portion of the SOB, as it will require increasing effort and heavy equipment usage to maintain access as the structure gets lower and lower compared to grade.

Detailed planning and negotiation with the Air Force is proceding to support the test assembly of the telescope at Thule prior to transport to Summit by GrIT.

SCO asked CPS and other members of the LRP team if there is a process to prioritize deferred projects if the RSL budget improves (i.e., sequestration is averted or modified).  CPS will develop and maintain a ranked list, with input from LRP team.


1 Nov SCO-RSL telecon

present: Jen Mercer, Renee, John, Jack, Pat

Because the Summit Station newsletter was approved by email prior to the call, primary topic became the idea for these weekly updates.  All thought it sounded like good idea worth trying.

We also briefly discussed the logistics workshop (Jen and Jack had attended, Pat and Renee were not allowed due to shutdown), and whether RSL had any news about their likely budget.

Actions:  SCO to get draft weekly report for week ending 1 Nov to RSL as soon as possible.