2 Oct SCO-CPS Call

Jack, Matt, Bob Paul, Jesse

Starting with an update on GLT from Paul. Waiting for a meeting between the main players. Pretty much no change since last meeting.

Paul on updates for LRP. Currently Kevin has been out, no news to report.

Hannah and Lance (incoming science techs) came to do training with UNAVCO, should be good to go with using the UNAVCO equipment for surveys. Matt is interested in getting them to train the other ops people to do the surveys that might need to be done.

Also going to NOAA for training, sounds like there are some issues with the met station, but there is a plan in place for when the new techs come in. Getting ready to do O3 sonde launches.

Matt’s looking at places to test a potential structure for the Neely LiDAR. Best to test it out stateside before bringing it to Summit. Some discussion of how much temperature fluctuation can be accepted in transit; can we assemble the optical table in the SOB and transport it 200m?

Matt’s been talking with Matt Shupe about a charter flight for parts, last flight opportunity according to Nordlandair is 10 November.

Station has recently been having some large power fluctuations- between 47 and 58 kW as a load. Not sure what is pulling all that load. Matt thinks its close to the mid 40s in the winter. 58 is higher than what Gen2 can handle. Some discussions about the general power consumption at Summit, and how we might be able to reduce that load.

Matt is headed up to Summit Thursday, for transition and should be back by Thursday of the next week.

We then discussed the question of any topics that are key in the discussion for next week when we talk about new projects being proposed for APP4. One key item is a railing for the GreenHouse roof. Jack asked if there was any motion on science traverse capability, the idea of the traverse module/mobile camp. Looks like CPS may have $2-4M less than last year..

Call ended at 10:37am.

01 Oct- SCO-NSF call

Zoe, Jack, John, Bob, Jen, Renee, Pat

We discussed who would be attending the Greenland Planning Conference from SCO, ALEX, and NSF, there are many conflicts with this meeting so achieving coverage may be a challenge. Current plan is to have Zoe present on the Tuesday of the meeting, and Jack will be there for the Wednesday session. Around 10 past, we started into our planned agenda for the call.

Jack asked for feedback on the idea of presenting plans for redevelopment at Summit/ISI at a meeting upcoming in Cambridge, coming up 13-15 Oct. Jen is building a slide deck for briefing of GEO leadership- this will be a slide set that is fully vetted by NSF for release. It’d be great if Jack could get these slides from NSF/ALEX. There was talk of getting this slide deck or something similar up on the SCO website.

Discussion of AGU. We’re still waiting to find out if ARCUS can give us a room, but they haven’t gotten back to us; mainly because they don’t have assurance that they even have a room… Sounds like we can use a variant of the above-mentioned slide deck to give people a jumping-off point for the discussion. Renee pointed out that we should continue to emphasize that this isn’t set in stone- this is the current plan and it can be changed.

Discussion of the call with Nature- mainly we (NSF and SCO) provided background on why researchers go to Summit, and how things have evolved in conjunction with the telescope. We really don’t know how Nature will spin what they write, its meant to be about redevelopment at Summit, with an angle to how things will go with the addition of the telescope.

Pat gave us the latest on SAO; Paul Ho from the telescope team is at NSF this week. We should be seeing a story soon. Current concern is that they may not have enough $$ to test assemble both a CRREL and at Thule. Some concern about import duty on the telescope- if the Government of Greenland charges import duty it could cause big trouble for the overall project budget.

Call ended at 10:33 am.