13 Feb. SCO/NSF monthly call

Jack asked if there was any feedback on the GEOSummit meeting and/or the draft whitepaper. NSF said that the meeting went well, and they agreed with the proposal to hold face-to-face Summit every year during the next few years as Isi station is developed. Next meeting will be in Boulder in late Spring 2015 preceding or following NOAA’s annual meeting. Current plans anticipate holding the 2016 GEOSummit at GSFC in conjunction with NASA’s PARCA/OIB session (as we did in 2014).

Renee pointed out that it was not easy to find information about the 2014 GEOSummit meeting on the GEOSummit web site. She noted that it was possible to search (Google?) and find the page, but not easy to navigate to the meeting page from the site home page. SCO needs to take this under advisement when we post the meeting notes and presentations onto the site. Katrine expects to send all of this material to SCO no later than 14 Feb, and we will post it soon after.

Jack noted that despite the discussion in the last section of the meeting about 2-way communication, SCO had received no suggestions about improvements to the Whitepaper. Renee offered to ping ICECAPS PIs Walden and Shupe, reminding them that input is desired, and that they had expressed concerns about content of the current draft. Renee also felt that SCO should add some content about education/outreach, especially including Greenlandics. She said she would reread the current draft and offer specific suggestions.

Final ~10 minutes of the call spent rehashing the Risk Management workshop, at which Jack and Bob were participants (not necessarily representing SCO).