18 Feb. SCO Call

Present: Bob, Jack, Zoe, John.
1) telecon notes- resolved to post the notes from last week in absence
of comment from NSF- John will post. Bob will send last week’s
notes to NSF for review- pointing out that no reply equals
acceptance. Resolved that we will do 2-week stints on notetaking-
Bob will finish out this month and then pass to John the following
2 weeks. 1st 2 weeks of March.
2) White paper. Zoe doesn’t mind adding section on outreach. To some
extent we are waiting for comments from Renee. Current paper might
be already too long, and if we add every possible project, it will
be impenetrable. John suggests that we could have a separate
section, maybe online, outlining all of the science. Key issue is
that Pat and Renee we think are happy with it, but the community is
not that happy if their projects are not specifically mentioned.
Many of the science community are actually happy, Jack points out.
Resolved that we can talk with NSF at our next SCO-NSF call.
3) Thule representation: Zoe will be there next week, and can take a
look at the facilities… so we’ll hope she will learn about the
facilities there- she’ll plan to take some pictures of the
buildings and facilities. Try to learn about things like freezer
space, who is doing what… we know there are biologists there
etc. get Jen to show Zoe all the buildings and such. Some
discussion of how frozen things get stored there- wrt the Osterberg
project this season.