19 Feb. TAWO Users Group Telcon

present: Brandon Grey Detelev Bob martin Tracy jack Katrine + A few
Katrine running the call.
1) Air handling system, status and what’s up. Brandon gives us an
update on status. In Nov, 2 concerning heat spikes in TAWO, this is
all due to waste heat from the instruments. Brandon things that due
to the south wind, positive pressure was placed on the North duct.
Ultimately the conclusion is that we don’t have the exhaust volume
needed. wanting to try to limp along to wait for AWO. will be
extending the north duct to the base of the platform, as opposed to
the base of the building. Looking to avoid that positive pressure on
the duct. Also will replace the T sensor in the air handling system-
may not be the problem, but could be, so replacing it will help.
Installing a remote monitoring system at turnover (now) so that
on-site staff can respond in real-time to any future T spikes. Jack
asks about if there’s a blower- right now it’s passive, so just
positive pressure in the building blowing air out. Only active fan is
for emergency purge. Detlev asks if there’s also active heating in
TAWO. There is a wall-mounted heater, but it wasn’t on at the time.
All of the heat in these T spikes was from the instruments. Detlev
asks if it is feasible to have a backup system? Brandon reiterates
that any better design would entail enlarging the exhaust, a pretty
big undertaking. Jack asks if the extra length will offset the
venturi effect we will get by extending the exhaust to the base of the
platform… Brandon feels that getting that extra 2 feet will help.
Jack voices concern that the scour pattern under the building might
make the wind pattern less predictable- so there may well be an
updraft that would negate that effect. Jack suggests what about
pointing the duct upward. Brandon says we’ll take a look at that.
Wondering if there are any concerns from NOAA for an upward facing
exhaust. No NOAA-specific concerns, but there is concern about it
filling up with snow. NOAA doesn’t think any exhaust is a concern.
Brandon asks if they can use the South penetration instead of the
North wall. Some clarification to Jacques about the ventilation
system. Again question about activating the active exhaust, but this
is designed for life safety applications, not considering the actual
T. Grey has drawn up a T that would shield from updraft… could
work. Jacques is a bit concerned about getting drafts of cold air
around the GC so the south penetration would work. Detlev points out
there are several instruments that would not like big pressure
changes. Using the south duct will probably get us closer to having
en equal amount of outlet to inlet. Having a second outlet would
probably be used at all times. In a purge situation they’d close the
South side so that purge would come out of the North side with the
existing fan. Finally, Brandon will explore the S penetration, and
explore directing the ducts upward.

2) Lifting the building. Katrine brings us back to this 20 minutes
left in the call. Katrine puts the question to Brian and Detlev.
Both point out that whatever it takes they will deal with it.
Detlev asks why there is another lift when there was a lift last
year? Brandon responds that they were 12 feet above grade on S
side and 8 feet above on the N side, about an 8 foot lift. CRREL
had recommended a larger lift- 15 feet being a happy medium between
minimizing drifting and keeping the stair climb to a reasonable
level. Jack points out that dealing with the drift at TAWO is a
Sisyphean task. You can spend a bunch of time and diesel knocking
down the drift, and it comes back. Jack points out also that the
more money we send on TAWO, the less likely it will ever go away.
points out the true costs of lifting… Brian points out that we
can’t just leave TAWO as it is for 3 more years. Brian thinks
drift management is something we could consider. Katrine says we
haven’t been doing drift management… Brian points out that it’s
not working… lots of discussion around how to keep the drift
down, why our management isn’t working. In the end, Brian suggests
that hes willing to wait until 2015 to see. Katrine suggests taking
pictures during turnover, and then have CPS see what they think,
with the ideal situation to be wanting to push the lift out
to 2015.