Summit station and the Greenland Inland Traverse (GrIT) are operated by CH2M Hill Polar Services (CPS), the primary Arctic logistics contractor of the National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs, in support of science projects funded by several programs in the Arctic section of OPP, NOAA, NASA, as well as science agencies from other nations. CPS is a team comprised of CH2M HILL, Polar Field Services (PFS), SRI International (SRI) and UMIAQ. The CPS contract is administered by the OPP Arctic Research Support and Logistics (ARSL) program; Renee Crain and Pat Haggerty are the current program mangers for ARSL

The Science Coordination Office

In 1999 the NSF funded the formation of a Science Coordination Office (SCO) for the observatory to help with the on-site science tasking, development of a data archive, and long term science planning for the station. The original proposal was in response to the demand of coordinating projects and requests from over 50 interested investigators from the U.S. and Europe who had expressed interest in making measurements or using data from Summit.

The Science Coordination Office (SCO) for Summit Station is supported by the Arctic Research Support and Logistics (RSL) program to provide input from the research community into the science support operations at Summit and on the Greenland ice sheet. The SCO advocates for the wider scientific community working, or considering research, in the interior regions of the Greenland ice sheet.  Therefore, the SCO needs and appreciates input from current and potential new members of the Greenland research community regarding emerging research questions and the logistic support needed to address them. Please let us know what you are considering.

Summit Station and the Greenland Inland Traverse (GrIT) are operated by CPS, the primary Arctic logistics contractor of the National Science Foundation Division of Polar Programs (DPP), in support of science projects funded by the Arctic Sciences Section of DPP. Summit Station also supports projects from NOAA, NASA and agencies from other nations.  CH2M HILL Polar Services (CPS) is comprised of CH2M HILL, Polar Field Services (PFS), SRI International and UMIAQ  RSL provides logistics, infrastructure and other services for arctic research through the CPS contract and other mechanisms

The SCO recognizes that logistics costs in Greenland are high, and that ultimately dollars spent on logistics are not available for direct support of science and scientists. The SCO strives to ensure that operation, and especially upgrades, of the facilities at Summit and on the GrIT are always cognizant of the science mission.

The SCO works with CPS to discuss anticipated logistical impacts of proposed new research projects, participates in discussions between CPS and PI teams as annual project plans are developed for each group deploying to field sites in central Greenland, and is an active member of the Long-Range Planning (LRP) group tasked with redeveloping Summit Station and expanding capabilities of GrIT to support science on the ice sheet.  At present the primary focus of SCO remains on Summit, as the Greenland Environmental Observatory at Summit (GEO Summit) is still the focus of most science projects in central Greenland

The SCO participates in weekly teleconference/webinars with CPS and subcontractors working on the long-range plan for Summit and other aspects of current operations.  We also attend several face-to-face meetings with the LRP group each year.  Our role is to be the voice of the science community, so we need to know what you are thinking.  We are trying new vehicles to get information out to you, but also need to know about efficient means for you to inform us about new opportunities and issues. (See below for standard contact info).


John Burkhart is a Research Scientist at the University of California, with projects throughout the Arctic. He has been active as part of the Summit research community since 1998 and was a founding member of the SCO in 2000 (with Dibb and Dr. Roger Bales). John has long standing interest in air-snow exchange processes, but is also an expert in long-range transport of pollution in the atmosphere, and pioneered the use of UAV platforms at Summit, using small drones to study the spatial variability of surface albedo. John has also spent time as a science tech at Summit, including the mid-winter phase in 2004-2005. He is located in Oslo, Norway and may be reached by phone or email: (+47 96 82 50 11)

Zoe Courville is a Research Mechanical Engineer at CRREL in Hanover with bipolar experience investigating the microphysical properties of snow and firn, and how these impact climate and air-snow exchange. She has been part of multiple Summit campaigns since 2003. Also, in collaboration with Hawley, Zoe has pioneered use of GrIT as a science platform. She has also assisted others at CRREL with studies of mobility issues, and route finding, for GrIT. She can be reached at 603 646 4425 or by email at

Jack Dibb is a research associate professor at UNH and has been conducting air-snow exchange and snow-photochemistry investigations at Summit (and other locations) since 1989. Jack proposed, and organized, pilot year-round campaigns at Summit over the 1997-98 winter and from 2000-2002 that helped persuade OPP to make Summit a year round station from 2003 till today. He can be reached at 603 862 3063 or by email at

Bob Hawley is an associate professor at Dartmouth with extensive experience working in Greenland and Antarctica. Bob is a glaciologist who uses both remote sensing and innovative in-situ techniques to study ice motion and deformation. He is the first PI to successfully propose deploying with GrIT to conduct spatial studies along the route from Thule to Summit. Bob also has long association with Summit, as he was part of the 4-member field team that did the first winter-over in 1997-98 (full 11 month adventure). Bob can be reached at 603 646 1425 or by email at


John Burkhart Science & Data Coordination +47-96-82-5011
Jack Dibb Science & Resource Planning
Bob Hawley Science & Resource Planning
Zoe Courville Web & Data Coordination

CH2MHill Polar Services

CPS is a consortium of three companies that provides the overall station management and logistics support: CH2M Hill Corporation, Polar Field Services, and SRI International. CH2M Hill Corporation provides enterprise resource planning, warehousing, and major construction support, Polar Field Services is the primary logistics contractor, and SRI International provides IT infrastructure. CPS’s Summit Station point of contact is Matt Okraszewski.

Tracy Sheeley
Polar Field Services
Summit Operations Project Manager +1-720-347-5313
Matt Okraszewski
Polar Field Services
Summit Science   Project Manager +1-303- 349-2884