Working at Summit

Summit Station houses a variety of research projects involving a range of atmospheric, glaciological, instrumentation and seismic research.  Below, find resources describing basic station features and how to propose research at the station

Station Overview

Summit Station Background

Navigable Image of Summit Station  overview of station with description of buildings and structures

Research Currently Conducted at Summit project summaries listed for each year going back to 2004 (for a searchable database of past projects, as well as Arctic-wide projects, see the ARMAP site:

Virtual Tour of Summit

Summit and Isi Station Vision 

Working at Summit

Steps to propose research to work at Summit are generally:

1. Contact SCO

2. Obtain rough order of magnitude (ROM) letter from CH2MHill Polar Services (CPS), the logistics provider to NSF Arctic Research Opportunities (deadline for contacting CPS is typically 2 weeks prior to proposal deadline

3. Submit proposal to NSF (note, there are other funding sources for work that take place at Summit including but not limited to NASA, NOAA, and international funding sources)

Proposing Research at Summit to NSF link to the National Science Foundation Arctic Research Opportunities call for proposal

2015 Greenland Guide detailed information about working in Greenland

CH2MHill Polar Services (Arctic logistics provider for NSF) CH2MHill Polar Services (CPS) provides logistics estimates for fieldwork in Greenland, as required by the NSF