Summit Station GIS

The Summit Station GIS details past and current disturbances in the snow from science and logistical activities.

You can currently:

* Show or hide various data layers from 2014
* Click on any point, line, or polygon to see its name, etc.
* Measure distances
* Use standard google navigation tools

CLICK HERE for Summit Station GIS

To add locations of past disturbances or planned activities, please contact the Summit SCO.  Also, let us know if there are additional functions you would like to see as part of the GIS. 




Recent Posts

Summit Users Group Meeting Fall AGU San Francisco

Dear Summit Station Research Community,

You are invited to a Summit Station users group meeting Weds, Dec. 16 in the ARCUS meeting room complex (Foothill D room) from 8:30-9:30am.

We will discuss updates for the Greenland telescope, the Greenland Inland Traverse (GrIT), and incorporation of Summit into INTERACT, a planned external review of logistical support for Greenland science, and logistical needs for science support for 5-10 years out. We are hoping to leave ample time for discussion and questions.


Thanks, Zoe Courville, Jack Dibb, John Burkhart and Bob Hawley (SCO)

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