17 April. SCO/PFS teleconference

attending:  Katrine, Jack, Bob at start, Dave came on about 5 minutes late, John joined soon after Dave

Katrine told us that the Basler did get in to Summit on Wed as planned, bringing the first wave of summer staff. Timing was fortunate, since the weather closed in over the night and into Thur.  Winds exceeding 45 knots were impeding outside work and had prevented set up of tent city, so there was a slumber party at Summit.

Katrine and Bob commented on the revised GPS/GIS protocol that Bob did deliver to Summit on time, and that telecom discussions with the techs had resulted in further refinement and improvement of the protocol.  Katrine has the task to incorporate this procedure into the formal procedures and protocols data base that she maintains for all techs on-line and on site.

Katrine asked if SCO was planning to attend the Isi charrette, we confirmed that Jack is definitely attending and that we thought that Zoe would participate too (after the call Zoe did confirm by email),  Jack noted that he was not clear whether SCO was invited/allowed to participate in the 1/2 day wrap-up session, and said that he had asked Dave about this by email but had not yet heard back.

Dave joined right about this time and clarified that the wrap up was optional, but that SCO was certainly welcome to attend if interested.  He indicated that the tentative agenda for this day was to review action items from first 2 days, and then to focus on defining path forward for the Isi/Summit power grid, and to outline and begin LCCA for the jackable platform and building shells for Isi core station.

Dave announced that Kevin Gibbons will join CPS team on Monday (J. Bollinger replacement).  CPS is reworking the mobile garage concept design based on the VE exercise conducted last week.  GLT will participate in the Isi Charrette, and will have follow on meeting at CPS the final 1.5 days of that week to discuss preparation for a “readiness review” that the GLT will undergo sometime this fall.

Katrine asked Dave if he had more information about materials Renee had shared with CPS, regarding planned expansion of Station Nord, and the suggestion that CPS should look at the designs and vendors the Danes were using.  Dave said he did not know much more, but understood that a small team from CPS/ALEX would be visiting Denmark.  He felt that CPS needs to consider a wide range of options for any/all of the vendors that might win design/build contract for components of Isi/Summit redevelopment.  Katrine forwarded the material from Renee to SCO for our review after the call.




10 April. GLRP/Isi Mobile Garage Value Engineering Exercise

Attending: SCO, NSF, SOA, CPS

This meeting is a revisit of the requirements gathering exercise for the Isi Mobile garage, with the main goal of closing the budget gap between the cost determined for the initial concept for the garage (cost estimates have been provided by CPS and a second engineering firm) and the budget. It should be noted that this gap was projected to be substantial, with RSL looking for procurement cost not to exceed $750K and a strong preference for something closer to $500K expressed.  The concept design that came out of the series of exercises over the past months was almost $900K over the RSL ceiling, hence more than $1.3M higher than ideal target.

15 possible options for reducing costs were discussed, with two major cost-savings options discussed at length: 1. reducing the square footage and 2. creating a series of smaller buildings to house the separate components of the garage, assuming that the individual pieces could be procured in different years to spread the cost.  The main consensus was that breaking the project into smaller pieces to spread the cost was not viable.  Therefore we need to redesign the concept to include just a single working bay in the garage based on the width and height of the widest and heaviest tractor, and the length of the longest tractor. This should reduce the overall size of the sled mounted garage by approximately half compared to the concept, which included space to store the 2006 Tucker and 953 loader, and also a maintenance bay for the largest piece of equipment on station.

Noted that if cost scales directly with square footage of heated space, this reduction in scope would still leave budget gap of well over $100k so other possibilities moving forward to reduce costs include having a separate generator module, removing the mezzanine, reducing the R-factor to R40 or below, and using non-metal flooring for areas outside where the vehicles would be moving.

While not discussed very much during the call, the reduced scope of the new garage concept does not include any shared space for science, especially including balloon launching.  It has been recognized that Isi will probably need some kind of surface science space for summer campaign work and year-round balloon launching, but we need to find an option to support these functions during the transition to Isi from Summit (as soon as SOB is decommissioned, possibly as early as 2015.