Current Long-Term Instruments at Summit

For details, refer to the 'Summit Station Year-Round Measurements' document which lists the current year-round measurements at Summit Station, the frequency of the measurements, and the best point-of-contact for further information

Project Instrument Point of Contact
ICECAPS Radiosondes (x2 day) Vaisala RS41-SG/SGP Matt Shupe
Polar Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (PAERI) Von Walden
Millimeter Cloud Radar (MMCR) Matt Shupe
Microwave Radiometers (MWR); HATPRO and 150-90 Dave Turner
Cloud Aerosol Polarization and Backscatter LIDAR (CAPABL) Ryan Neely
Ceilometer Dave Turner
Micropulse Lidar (MPL) Matt Shupe
Precipitation Occurrence Sensor System (POSS) Matt Shupe
Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera (MASC) Ralf Bennartz
IcePic Von Walden
SODAR Matt Shupe
Total Sky Imager Von Walden
ICECAPS-ACE Fluxtower (installed on TAWO MET tower):  
METEK1 - 2m 3D sonic anemometer Ryan Neely
METEK2 - 15m 3D sonic anemometer Ryan Neely
VENTUS1 - 4m 2D sonic anemometer Ryan Neely
VENTUS2 - 8m 2D sonic anemometer Ryan Neely
HMP1 - 2m Vaisala T/RH probe in aspirated shield (T/RH) Ryan Neely
HMP2 - 4m Vaisala T/RH probe in aspirated shield (T/RH) Ryan Neely
HMP3 - 8m Vaisala T/RH probe in aspirated shield (T/RH) Ryan Neely
HMP4 - 15m Vaisala T/RH probe in aspirated shield (T/RH) Ryan Neely
LiCOR - CO2/H2O gas analyser (H2O/CO2 fluxes) Ryan Neely
SnD - Campbell Scientific sonic distance sensor (snow depth) Ryan Neely
KT15 - Heitronic infrared temperature sensor (snow surface temperature) Ryan Neely
TAWO OPC - Alphasense N3 Optical particle counter Ryan Neely
Low Volume Aerosol Sample- Digitel DPA14 Ryan Neely
Vertical Laminar Flow Clean Hood- Clean Environments CH1200V Ryan Neely
Cold Stages- For INP freezing assay experiments Ryan Neely
SKYOPC - GRIMM Optical particle counter Ryan Neely
CLASP-G - University of Leeds aerosol spectrometer probe Ryan Neely
MSF OPC - Alphasense N3 Optical particle counter Ryan Neely
UC Davis Aerosol DRUM Sampler Tom Cahill/Nicolas Spada
NOAA Meterology Lufft Ventus-UMB sonic anemometer NOAA GMD Met group
Logan RTD NOAA GMD Met group
Vaisala HMP155 NOAA GMD Met group
Setra and Honeywell pressure transducers (2 instruments) NOAA GMD Met group
NOAA In-Situ Flasks Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gas (CCGC) Don Neff
Halocarbon and Atmospheric Trace Species (HATS) Steve Montzka
NOAA Aerosol Properties Nephelometer Patrick Sheridan
Besty Andrews
Aethalometer Patrick Sheridan
Besty Andrews
Continuous Light Absorption Photometer (CLAP) Patrick Sheridan
Besty Andrews
Surface Ozone Irina Petropavlovskikh
Besty Andrews
NASA ICESat Bamboo Stake Array (accumulation) Thomas Neumann
Kelly Brunt
GPS Accumulation Traverse (1x/month) Thomas Neumann
Kelly Brunt
UNAVCO GPS base station Septentrio (TAWO)
GPS base station Trimble NetR8 (Green House)
Thomas Nylen
Trimble R7 roving GPS receiver Thomas Nylen
NASA SnowFox Upwards-looking in situ cosmic ray instrument (snow water equivalent) Ian Howat
GC-Net Metereology RM Young propeller-type vane
Campbell Sci. CS-500 with Type E Thermocouple (temp and humidity)
Vaisala PTB101B (barometric pressure)
Type T thermocouple (snow temperature profile)
Campbell SR-50 (sonic snow depth)
Li Cor Photodiode (photodiode)
REBS Q* 7 (net radiation)
Konrad Steffen
Guido Muller
GC-Net upGPR upward looking GPR buried in the snow Konrad Steffen
GC-Net Solar Tracker direct solar radiation (pyrheliometer; model unknown)
downwelling diffuse longwave radiation (Kipp and Zonen CG4 pyrgeometer)
downwelling diffuse shortwave radiation (Kipp and Zonen CM21 pyranometer)
downwelling hemispheric shortwave radiation (Kipp and Zonen CM21 pyranometer)
Konrad Steffen
GC-Net Fixed Albedo Stand upwelling hemispheric longwave (Kipp and Zonen CG4 pyrgeometer)
shortwave (Kipp and Zonen CM21 pyranometer) radiation
Konrad Steffen
CUGC Gas chromatograph (CH4 and VOC) Detlev Helmig
Picarro G2401 (CO, CO2, CH4) Detlev Helmig
GFZ Potsdam Broadband Seismometers (2) Angelo Strollo
DTU Magnetometer Rico Behlke
DMI Meteorology AWS Jens Hansen
FirnCover Draw-wire sensor (firn densification)
Snow accumulation
Waleed Abdalati